Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the smart remark reveiw of gregor the overlander

This is how it works: you're here to see a post, I'm here to write one so lets do this:

Over all, Gregor the Overlander a great book and I give it a 9.983510 out of 10 stars.

Gregor the Overlander is a story about 12 year old Gregor falling down a vent shaft into a land only known as the Underland, discovered by a guy named Sandwhich.

Sandwhich was a man that can predict the future in prophesies and Gregor is in it. Gregor goes on this crazy adventure in the underland, against vicious rats, with weirdos that have see through skin, a rebellious rat named Ripred, two "spinners" or spiders that are cannibalishious, and a couple of cockroaches that are often overlooked because they are cowards. This quest takes them to an evil rat king named Gorger (guess she ran out of names) and an army of 6ft giant rats that tend to like to rip your arm out of your socket. (did i mention this place is radioactive so everything is like 5ft tall, like even the ants) The only thing that threw me off was Henry was evil.<--That's right another spoiler. The next book in the series is Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane. (The Arnold Schwarzenegger of all rats. This is when Photos Glow-Glow enters the picture--he is my favorite character.)

The next book is Curse of the Warm-Bloods (the Underland cancer)

And then the Marks of Secret...

Then the Code of Claw (the one I'm on)

(since i have no other way of saying this bailey has the burden of picking the book, just email me at ill tell you in your land.)

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